Young Boy, Big Heart

This month we are giving 10% of Mood Boutique's sales to a non-profit here in the town that I live in, Carver, MA. It is a food pantry called Shane Gives Thanks. I want to share a little bit about Shane so that you can see why we want to do our part to help them. The following is taken from the website, ...

"Shane Gives Thanks Inc was started in 2014 by then 7 Year old Shane. Seeing a commercial on the television about starving children all over the world, Shane was saddened to learn that hunger happened in his own community. There the Shane Gives Thanks Inc mission was started! Working solely on donations, Shane went to his family and friends, and the community asking for a simple donation, and he was able to successfully fill 244 Holiday baskets year to date. But Thanksgiving didn't stop Shane, He also had helped many charities during the Christmas Season. Adopting a full homeless shelter, and many of his peers from school.

In the summer of 2016, Shane questioned again... What do the kids at school do for lunch once school is out for a weekend? Does everyone have lunch? It is astounding to know the number of children that did not. Feeling that he could help more than just at the holidays , the Peyton Pack Program [rolled} into our local schools the fall of 2016-2017. The Peyton Pack Program (Named after his sister) would provide local school children Grade K-5 a pack full of nutritious food for the weekend. Each "Peyton Pack" would contain, 2 breakfast choices, 2 lunch choices, snack, vegetable, fruit and juice. Enough to sustain a child for the weekend until school on Monday. Each pack costs $9 per student per weekend! At no cost to the school or to the families receiving the pack. As of January 2018 we currently have 50 students enrolled in this program, and the program will enter the Middle High School."

I mean, how great is he?! He saw a need and felt strongly that he could help, so he did. It's amazing what a child can do when he has the right support system. His family didn't just brush his idea aside, they encouraged him and helped him make this huge undertaking a reality! I can't wait to see what this young man does in the future...the sky is the limit for sure!

The website goes on to say...

"In December 2016 Shane Gives Thanks Inc officially opened up its doors becoming Carver's New Food Pantry. This has always been a dream for the Shane Gives Thanks Team, but never did any of us ever imagine that one 7 year old, a question and one can of green beans would lead us this far. Serving Carver residents and families have always been our number one goal, and will continue to be with the opening of our food pantry. Being able to offer those who otherwise would go without, healthy sustainable food to provide to their families is an amazing opportunity.

Whether we meet our families through our Food Pantry, Thanksgiving/Christmas Programs, Peyton Packs, or just by a simple donation. Each person holds a special place in our hearts. Some families have been down that road and are now able to give back, some just wanting to help their neighbors, some fulfilling Shane's wish that "No one will go without" every step is made with community support and much appreciation. Shane Gives Thanks Inc and all of its programs run strictly on donations. A simple donation in any amount can make such a difference in someone's life. If you are looking for help, and are a Carver or Plympton, Halifax Resident, the first step is to reach us, remember its a hand up not a hand out, and we are here to help you. Everyone goes through a rough time, some recover quickly, some take a little longer, but its the journey that can be an absolutely amazing one."

Simply amazing.

If you would like to help, visit to find out how. They have a fundraiser coming up called Community Christmas. Check out the poster below for more information on that.

You can also check out their Facebook page, @shanegivesthanks for ways to help. And, of course, shopping at during the month of October 2018 is a fun way to help! Get some cute stuff for yourself, or maybe even some early Christmas gifts, and 10% of your purchase will go straight to Shane Gives Thanks! We also have gift cards which make great holiday gifts for any woman on your list! Help us help them!!!

Good job Shane! Thank you for having such a big heart and making this world a better place for so many.

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