Random Shareables - September 2018 edition

Hello ladies! So, I have found that coming up with things to talk about in a blog is difficult! I kept hearing that I should have a blog for my business. It's important, they said. Well. I am a rule follower, so here I am with a blog of my own and no idea what to write each month. I have thoughts, but none of them seem worthy of an entire blog (except when I talk about the charities we are donating to each month, of course!). So this month I am just going to throw out some things that I have stumbled upon lately that have improved my life or made me happy. Maybe they will help you in some way or make you happy. Enjoy!

1. Color Street

Have you all tried this yet?? Am I the last to know? Color Street is nail polish that comes in little packets. They are adhesive strips that easily stick to the nail instantly. No waiting for them to dry, and no heating them up...it's so easy! Also, they are a breeze to remove with any nail polish remover. But, the best part for me is that they actually stay on for weeks without chipping! I haven't put polish on my hands in years because no matter what, it was always chipped and messy looking within a day. These stay on through everything, it's crazy! Believe me, I put them through the ringer. I have horses, and I get down and dirty on a daily basis. This stuff hangs on through it all.

I'm not selling it, just passing on my thoughts in case you want to try it out for yourself. They are sold by independent stylists. My "go to girl" is a woman named Lisa, she will be happy to hook you up if you want to give them a try. The link to shop with her is https://www.colorstreet.com/Curley. She also has a Facebook page if you'd like to check it out, https://www.facebook.com/groups/202063583823984/permalink/235620233801652/?comment_id=235625323801143&notif_id=1537881575474624&notif_t=group_comment

2. Meet Bronson!

We got a new horse! Actually, I bought him for my nieces, but he is an exciting new addition to my backyard! Why am I posting this? Because he makes me happy, and sharing my love of horses with my nieces is so much fun! I had horses as a child, and I just got back into riding a couple years ago in my mid 40's. It's so nice to connect back with my first love!

What are you passionate about? Has it been way too long since you have done something that makes your soul happy? Whatever it is, there is no time like the present. Time goes by so quickly, and before you know it, you have run out. Horses were my first love, but life was always too busy to get back into riding and the years passed on by. I'm so glad I made riding a priority again before I let it slip away forever.

Taking time for you, and what you love, is good for you. Don't wait, do it today!

3. Sweater Season

I'm not happy that summer is over, but I do love 2 things about fall. Football season, and cozy sweaters. These 3 sweaters are my favorite items at MoodOnlineBoutique.com right now. They are sooooo soft and cozy, and super stylish to boot! They are selling out fast, so get yours before they are gone. In fact, only one more of that first sweater, in size medium, remains. If you want that one, act fast!

4. Brookside Golf Course, Monument Beach, MA.

I went to my cousins wedding this past weekend and was blown away by the venue. Brookside Golf Course is stunning! The views are to die for, you can see the Cape Cod Canal. I don't golf, but my husband tells me it was one of his favorite courses. If you are looking for a wedding venue, I highly recommend! They also had a phenomenal DJ if anyone is looking, he had the party hopping! His name was Jonathon Thompson. You can check him out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/jtschronicles/

5. Carver Elementary School

I had the opportunity, with the rest of my town, to tour our new elementary school last week. I am so happy for the kids, the teachers, and for the Town of Carver. We finally have a safe, beautiful learning environment for our children. It is long overdue. Well done Carver!

6. Shopping party!

We had our first Mood Boutique at home shopping party! My sister hosted, and we had an open house style party. Open house was nice because people could come and go as they wanted. We know weekend time is precious and we wanted to make it so that you could shop at your convenience. We had so much fun, and I got to meet some of my customers that I only know through Facebook, so that was so nice!

If you live in the southern Massachusetts area, and would like to earn store credit by hosting a party at your house, please let me know. I will bring the store to you, and you and your friends can shop in the convenience of your home...it's a lot of fun!

PS, you don't have to have a huge living room like this. Their are 6 racks of clothes that can be put in 2 rows of 3 next to each other :)

Contact me at MoodOnlineBoutique@gmail,com to set up a date!

So those are my favorite recent happenings! Hope you enjoyed!

xo, Renee

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