Random Shareables - Oct. 2018 edition

Hi all!! Welcome to the October 2018 edition of Random Shareables! Once a month I will share a few things with you that have made me happy recently. You know, just those things that I have stumbled upon or experienced that I think you might like to try yourself! Enjoy!

1. 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies

Do you have a sweet tooth like me? Every once in awhile I find myself in desperation mode...searching through the cabinets for ANYTHING that could be considered a snack. It never fails that I'm already in my comfy p.j.'s, so going out to get something is out of the question. When there is NOTHING resembling junk food in the house, what is one to do??? Those hungry horrors just won't go away.

Well, I had one of these days recently and I got so desperate that I resorted to searching online to see if I could whip something up from scratch. To my utter delight, I found many simple recipes that required only 3 ingredients each! Who knew? Baking is not my thing, so this had to be easy, and I was a little skeptical but gave it a go. I chose a peanut butter cookie recipe, and EUREKA! They were delicious! Having this little tid bit of information makes me so happy! I try not to buy a lot of junk food, so it is good to know that I can easily whip up a yummy treat on the days that my sweet tooth over powers my heathier side! This is the recipe, from allrecipes.com, that I went with...


2. Bruno Mars 24K Gold Tour

If you haven't been to one of his concerts yet, do yourself a favor and add it to your bucket list! This was my second time seeing him live, and man does he put on a great show!

3. If you are looking for a cute Christmas gift for the furrier members of your family, I have just the website for you.

KayPPups.com has adorable, custom made, great quality bandanas, collars and bow ties for your favorite dog or cat. Tessa, the owner/designer/creator, will actually create just about anything you want. She has even done bandanas for goats, and will be making them for my horses soon! Ask her if you have an idea, she will probably be able to create it! I have purchased many bandanas and collars for my own dogs and cat, and have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and beauty of each and every item! Christmas is right around the corner, these are the perfect gifts for your furry friend!

4. Looking for some inspiration? I have two friends that I went to high school with that have recently had books published, and they are both great reads! Check them out...

" In SHATTERED, Jennifer Kauffman shares her personal story and journey of healing naturally from the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings. In this powerful, inspirational and transformational book, Jennifer gives you valuable insights and tools that will help you overcome any obstacle in your life and show you how you can rise above trauma and life a life YOU love! "

Available at JenniferKauffman.com and Amazon.com

"You may serve great food. You may have a beautiful building and grounds. You may have the hippest decor. You may have all of the newest technology wants and needs. In today’s world, though, that’s not enough. Because it’s not just about all of those things or whether your marketing efforts bring customers to your place of business. It’s about whether your hospitality will bring your guests back."

Available at Amazon.com

5. My favorite Halloween Costumes this year so far...so creative! Some are famous people, some are friends, some are just pictures I came across on Facebook...all are awesome!

6. Lastly, here are my favorite dresses, available at MoodOnlineBoutique.com, that are perfect for Thanksgiving and the quickly approaching holiday season. Check them out!

Hope you found some interesting or helpful info here! Happy Halloween!!!

xo, Renee

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